About Chanté Shanti DeCampos


Chanté harmonizes her cornerstones: ART, NATURE & LOVE with her life experience to address a genuine need. As founder of GrowThru, she provides strategies, support and motivation for emotional transformation, seeing human suffering as a stimulus for spiritual growth.


ART has been in constant flow throughout Chanté‘s life. Sketches, sculptures, paintings, murals, piano, guitar & lyrical compositions, culinary surprises, poetry and prose have honed her creative abilities. In 2011 she put her skills to work, creating Enchanté Celebrations, an international wedding design company, that recognized the beauty of our diverse community. Since then hundreds of couples boarding the sacred vessel of matrimony have been personally aided to uphold their varied cultural traditions, even while living away from their birthplace. Chanté now has embarked on the production of a new and powerful artistic work, that of social innovations; in which she employs her creative spirit in designing programs to facilitate wellness and personal evolution.

NATURE enthralls Chanté! Often she is overcome with the urge to touch and feel life – the moss, the bark, the little spider, the flowing water. The inspiration becomes obvious in her speeches and evidences in her techniques. Her insatiable desire to understand the hows and whys of the physical universe impact her own designs and compel her approaches to fall in rhythm with mother nature.

LOVE is to human relations what blood is to the body. Shanti, (the ancient Sanskrit word for peace) is governed by this principle. From her teens on she has been involved in outreach programs, tutoring refugees, preparing and delivering public speeches, in multiple languages, mentoring, caring for elderly and infirmed and assisting the visually and hearing impaired, deepening her love and appreciation, at an early age, for people from all walks of life. During the decade spent in the international wedding industry, she has been lovingly welcomed into various communities, providing her an eye opening, life enhancing cultural digest. Perhaps the greatest, most intimate tutor of love has come through the wonderful, challenging, exciting, frightening, expanding, life altering experience of raising her two sons, Tyler Jordan and Benjamin Taze. Collectively, these learned and applied facets of love have set in motion a gravitational pull within her spirit that inevitably brought GrowThru to life.