GrowThru Programs

Here at GrowThru we are happily designing new programs to offer our beloved community.

Each interactive speech is sure to engage our listeners and motivate them to grow in their present circumstances.

Currently we are offering the following programs:

Take Care of Your Donkey!

A witty speech adapted from the Sufi poet, Rumi

Aimed at teens 14-18
Expressing the value of caring for individual emotional and spiritual health

This is Me!

An art project- interactive talk

Targeting youths age 9-13
Helping kids define self and promoting healthy tolerance

Gratitude – A Gateway to Wholeness

An introduction to the gratitude journal

For groups of different ages
Appropriate for those who feel the heaviness of life.

The Nurturer’s Dilemma

An exploration of the value of self love

Designed for Mothers and Caregivers