What is GrowThru

We are, each and everyone of us, born into a threatening world. Pain erupts in volcanic tantrums, blanketing us in molten emotion that quickly hardens into stone-like fear and anger. How can our spirit push up new life from tragedy? Simple, soften the rock. Even volcanic basalt can be persuaded to gradually give way and chemically transform into fertile soil when blessed with rain!

GrowThru is a global community, made up of many floating human “dust particles” enwrapped in patterns of ice crystals, that formed in unique ways, according to individual, human experiences. It is a collection of precious rain drops!

The expressed mission of GrowThru is: To provide needed inspiration and practical tools for transforming suffering into a vehicle for spiritual growth; thereby improving the individual life, while simultaneously transcending the destructive patterns that plague mankind.

To that end, we offer, for your consideration: thought provoking, motivating talks.

We are searching out incredible, true life stories to share with you via recorded and live interviews. We invite you into our inspiring conversations and to participate in our community “soul patchwork” events. Each of these GrowThru components will reach beyond emotional experience, providing real life strategies that you and your family can begin applying right off the bat!

We welcome you, wholeheartedly to GrowThru with us!