Top 10 Taze Tips

1   B….Budget your time

You, as a person, are endless possibilities; but your day has only 24 precious hours in it. So the best way to start unfolding your possibilities is to learn how to make good use of those hours.

2   T….Tune into your body

Our bodies are made up of internal systems that function without our conscience attention. It is our responsibility to come to an understanding, learn to listen to and properly care for our own, individual, amazing bodies; that will carry us through all of our life’s adventures.

3   A….Appreciate the good

Sometimes all we can see is the bad in our life. But we can actually train our mind’s eye to see the little, glowing specks of good in any situation, no matter how bleak and dark it seems. Focus on these and they will grow, attracting more happy experiences and reasons for true joy.

4   Z….Zealously apply yourself

A fire inside you sparks and grows when you see what you’re able to accomplish through your own focused effort. Life becomes exciting and doorways to your dreams or opportunities to reach your dreams begin to open right in front of you!

5   E….End blame

We all have a story to tell (or perhaps quite a few) of how someone hurt us or held us back. It’s easy to keep pointing to those stories as the reason we are not happy, the reason we are unable to achieve success in life. The moment we let go of those stories and all the hurtful, angry feelings that are all tied up in them, is the moment we step into our own power and start making good things happen in our lives.

6   T….Tame your rage

Lashing out in rage may make you feel powerful, like the mighty, silverback gorilla. But are you aware that staying in an angry state of mind literally weakens your mental abilities, making it extremely difficult to accomplish anything? Understanding what is underneath the anger (hurt, fear, desire for change), will allow you to tame and train your emotions to work powerfully for you, as the intelligent human that you are.

7   U….Understand your core values

In childhood, we believe pretty much what our parents believe. As we grow into adulthood, it is our right and obligation, as men and women, to search our hearts and define our personal beliefs. Knowing what is truly important to you gives you the power to stand strong, make decisions with clarity and act in harmony with the values you hold dear.

8   R….Release fear

Fear is one way the body protects itself. In anticipation of pain, our brain calls for a sudden burst of hormones, giving us extra energy. Often times though, there seems no logical action to take, in our situation. We begin to feel helpless and even paralyzed by what was meant to protect us. When we find the right actions that signal an “all is well” to our dutiful conscious & faithful amygdala we are able to release unnecessary fear and regain our freedom.

9   A….Animals & plants balance your experience

Becoming a caregiver to another living thing confirms that you are not alone in life. Learning real responsibility, the kind you come to understand when a precious life depends on your loving actions for its simple existence, is invaluable to your happiness & growth as a human on planet earth.

10   N….Nurture your spiritual growth

Underneath your skin, beyond the muscular & nervous system, lies an invisible construct, spirituality. It is the gauge of our own worth. It is the cord we use to connect to something bigger than ourselves and it is the system we use to define our unique purpose in life. Allocating time for this fascinating pursuit, through chosen practices, will lift you up and empower you in ways you never imagined possible!

Benjamin Taze Turan – The GrowThru Story

During the time of the loss of his father and older brother, Taze, fell into a sweeping spiral of sadness, self medicating and depression. He stopped attending school and was hospitalized twice for attempting suicide. In the latter attempt, he was pulled off the train tracks just before the 1 AM train sped through, as he was reenacting what his father had done the year before.

Somehow, in the wake of that tragedy, a miracle began to unfold. One day Taze spent the night in the mountains high up above the city. In tears, he poured out his heart, begging for help and guidance. In the wee hours of mourn, he climbed down, came to my bedside and placed a small, crystal stone in my hand. He spoke through his tears, as he clasped my hands around this little rock, explaining his adventure and vowing to turn his life around to become the man he knew he was meant to be.

Shortly thereafter he entered a program called “Gateway to College”, where a student could finish high school while earning college credits. He was so thrilled and moved by this opportunity, truly believing that it was an answer from Above to his prayer; that he cleaned up his life, his room, his diet and the kitchen! He made many difficult sacrifices, and in return was blessed with much support and multiple loving facilitators to get back up the muddy hill and onto a good life path again.

Benjamin Taze ​graduated high school with a giant smile and a 4.0! He ​went right into ​college classes, not skipping a beat, maintaining​ all A’s and earning academic scholarship​s along the way.

Now he was in hot pursuit of his goal to become a scientist, with a special interest in Medical Toxicology, the science of making medicine from poisonous animal venom.

Benjamin​ had made such dramatic progress in overcoming his obstacles and in turning his life around, that he attracted positive attention from both his peers and facilitators. He became a candidate to speak at the “Clinton Global Initiative Meeting”.​ ​Taze was invited to share his story and ideas on “reconnecting youth” in America. It was later written, “Benjamin captivated a group of world leaders. Following his speech a long line of people formed to meet him.”

Since then, Benjamin Taze has had the meaningful work of tutoring and mentoring in The Gateway program, reaching out to “at risk youth”, as he had been himself. He became a supplemental biology instructor and kept membership with an international honor society.

Then yet another unthinkable thing happened. My brave, beautiful son fell asleep in God’s arms just days before the graduation. Perhaps it shall remain a painful mystery; but he had prepared for his classes, with papers stacked neatly on his desk, packed his lunch, filled his water bottle and gone to bed. No explanation was provided, even by the coroner’s office, as to why he did not wake up the next day.

The 10 Taze Tips is a collection of guidelines Taze used to overcome obstacles and turn his life around.